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Home generator

Mid Maine Generator with 3 convenient locations in Winthrop, Warren and Wiscasset ME, has certified technicians for generator installations. Our technicians are master electricians and licensed propane technicians for a complete installation. Whether for a retail store, nursing home, fire station or just for your own home we can help. Our products include Kohler and Yamaha.

Mid Maine Generator is an authorized dealer for Kohler products. To get the incredible 5-year, 2,000 hour protection warranty you will need our Kohler certified technicians. When you buy a Kohler product from us all you need to worry about is buying the propane and we will do the rest. No matter what commercial-grade home generator you choose, it will provide reliable, safe power and comes with the industry-leading warranties that will give you life without interruption. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON KOHLER PRODUCTS.

If you are looking for a portable product, Mid Maine Generator is an authorized dealer of Yamaha products, from 1000 Watts all the way up to 12,000 watts. Whether you need portability for home use, your RV, camping or work, Yamaha has a quiet fuel efficient model for you.

Why Buy From A Pro?

Mid Maine Generators Lightning Storm

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase & Professionally Install a Generator From a Local and Reputable Company Like Mid Maine Generator.

–  You live in Maine and we lose power often.

–  Medical life safety devices always need power.

–  Heating systems need power to run and it gets mightly cold in winter.

–  The generator can pay for itself with one full refrigerator and/or freezer of food that you won’t have to throw away.

–  You don’t want to lose power in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.