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Generator Maintenance and Service

service-homeThe number one cause of generator failure is…

A dead or weak battery. Avoid this problem and have Mid Maine Generator service your generator and get full access to our battery replacement program! Please ask to get the specific money saving details by emailing or calling us.

Generator maintenance is an important part of owning one. Regular maintenance is needed to insure your generator will operate when you need it most. Without regular maintenance a generator can fail and leave you in the dark. Without proper maintenance you also risk the chance of voiding manufacturer warranties.

It is important to have a certified technician to maintain your generator. Our certified technicians have been factory trained to ensure your generator will be maintained and repaired properly to factory specs. If you are considering servicing your generator yourself be advised it can be dangerous and can void the warranty if not done properly.

The maintenance of a generator can depend on how much it is used. The more use it gets, the more often it will need to be maintained. However, generators should have annual maintenance performed regardless of the hours of use for that year. The heating and cooling cycle the engine goes through each week during its exercise will break down the oil and degrade the protective elements, thus requiring changing. The starting battery in your generator should also be serviced once a year regardless of the hours. Load testing and topping off electrolyte are crucial to the reliability and longevity of the battery. Dust and particulates that can accumulate on electrical components through the year, without proper cleaning, can cause generator failure.

Mid Maine Generator offers many different preventative maintenance agreements, thus ensuring we have the options available to fit your preference, type of generator, and budget. By signing a service agreement with Mid Maine Generator, you get much more than just an oil change. You get excellent customer service, 24/7 coverage, discounted labor rates, priority service during storms, and service performed by a top-notch professional.
Your generator is only as reliable as the team that stands behind it. At Mid Maine Generator we thrive for excellence in customer service and take a lot of pride in every aspect of our business. Also, with our two locations, our technicians reside all over our territory. This is ideal to provide fast response times and keep the costs down for the customer.

Our years of experience and huge exposure to the products that we service keep our customers out of the dark. Please check out the reviews below to read about real life customer experience and why you should use Mid Maine Generator as your generator service provider. 

This was essentially a perfect purchase and installation. Dan arrived in the midst of winter for the estimate....when he really couldn't see everything because of the snow.
The crew arrived on time, Central Maine Power was early, and work got underway on time. The installation involved trenching across the driveway diagonally for about 50ft. The work was flawless and when I arrived home I could hardly tell the driveway had been disturbed.
The crew was friendly and professional....calling me mid-job to make an adjustment to the tank placement, resulting in a much better looking result.
First class all the way.

Joe Fulmer

I chose Mid Maine Generator for my new Kohler standby generator based on the very professional site survey and proposal they prepared. The real test, of course, was on installation day. When the three man crew arrived for my two-house generator install, they got right to work with each man clearly knowing his duties and performing them in a very professional day. When the job was done, you wouldn't have even known that they had been here, except of course for the new generator and transfer switches. All of the trenching (propane, electrical to both houses, etc.) wasn't even visible..... they had carefully hand dug the trenches, being careful to keep the sod intact, and had replaced the sod so that the new trenches couldn't even be seen. This is the neatest job I have ever seen any contractor perform in all my years of having them work on my house. Sure, they had a lot going on during the day but, by the time they left, every spec of mess was cleaned up perfectly and the lawn was restored to perfect condition. I highly recommend Mid Maine Generator.

Paul Bell

Great people to work with, very professional. Our generator has come in handy several times since it was installed in September. Highly recommend them.

Bob Heinlein

Kohler is the best and Mid-Maine has great service! Highly recommended!

Dick Rogers

Have had ours several years wouldn't live without one. Service has always been top notch. Thanks Mid Maine Generator!

Leonard Crocker

Love my new 20kw Kohler installed just this past week!

Chris John

From my initial phone call to the service performed on our generator, Mid Maine Generators is a top notch and professional company. Very glad that we chose to use them.

Jeremy Lucas

The best generator company in the state. These guys do a great job and know what they are doing!

Justin Partridge

An amazingly positive experience working with these professionals to have our generator installed in Boothbay Harbor. Respectful, timely and attentive ... given that we are on hour 9 of no power, we are also most grateful! Thank you Mid Maine Generator!

Debbie Profit

Highly recommend Mid Maine Generator. Very competent and just plain nice people!

Toby Ramirez

From the very beginning, the quote, the explanation of what they would do, to the install was nothing but professional. Steve and his crew were on time, on budget and cleaned up after themselves, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this company. I didn't think this type of service existed any more. You will not regret doing business with Mid Maine Generator!

Richard Bernier